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Tenant Screening
What is a Tenant Screening Report?
A tenant screening report is a look into the history and habits of a tenant applicant. It can provide details about payment history, eviction history, criminal history, and any red flags a landlord would want to know. The purpose of the report is to give you confidence in your final decision on the applicant you select.

How Tenant Screening Reports Differ
Landlords tend to be split when they think of a tenant screening report.

Some think of a credit score or full credit report while others think of background checks.

The SmartMove report is known for providing the credit score but also adding elements of background checks such as eviction records.

The downside to a SmartMove report is that it’s an instant report. This means that the errors and omissions that happen on the court level are carried over into the final screening report.

Our RentPrep package is hand-compiled so our FCRA Certified Screeners can correct inaccuracies by cross-referencing databases. This allows for a more accurate report.

The downside is that we cannot provide the full credit score, but we can add a tenant credit check.

Tenant Credit Report vs Tenant Credit Check
A tenant credit check is not the same thing as a tenant credit report.

The SmartMove report will show you the full credit score.

  • SmartMove Tenant Credit Report
  • SmartMove credit score sample

You’ll see the specific credit score of your applicant along with the negative factors contributing to the score.

As you work down the report (see sample above) you’ll see boxes you can expand with details on each of the following data points:

  • Credit Score
  • Known Addresses
  • Known Employment History
  • Tradelines
  • Collections
  • Consumer Statements
  • Inquiries
  • Public Records
  • Eviction Records
  • Criminal Records
  • AKAs
  • Fraud Indicators

This tutorial will show you what’s included with a rental background check. It will go into detail on each of those sections of a RentPrep SmartMove report.

Tenant Credit Check Sample
A tenant credit check is a pass/fail report only available as an add-on (for $9.95) to a RentPrep Background Check.

You select a pre-set criteria from the available star options below.

tenant credit check sample

If you chose a 5 Star rating it means that your tenant applicant must have at least a 700 credit score, zero bankruptcies and zero judgments on record.

Here’s an example of what it would look like when a tenant applicant fails a 5 Star credit check.

tenant credit check sample RentPrep

In this example, you see their credit score was less than 700 and you’ll see a list of negative factors that contributed to their score. Notice you do not see the specific score though.

There are no additional details as this a pass/fail metric while a SmartMove report will go into specific details of how their credit score was calculated.