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Who We Are?

First Step Financial Group we are a five-star credit repair company, With over 15 years, of experience and productivity, it has shown time and time again in the number of satisfied customers and completed files.

Let share a couple of trade secrets that you should know as a person that needs to restore his back to a prestigious state. The credit bureaus need to manage to and maintain and update more than 250,000,000 credit files a day. Could you possibly think this could be done without any errors? Obviously, it is done by computers at least 70% of files contain some sort of error. Furthermore, at least 30 % contain some sort of major errors in the reporting of the file. Most of the time there is some sort of error with the reporting of the credit report. That’s where it all starts E Oscar is a system that scans the letters that you write to the credit bureaus and it gives it a two-digit code. No matter what you say or how much heart you put into this letter the bureau Still gives it a Two-digit code. Now it’s really a problem is the way things are checked, no documents, no phone calls, not even email between the credit bureaus and the creditors. The verification process between the bureau and the creditor is as such,” does this information match up yes okay it is verified done.” The bureau will always take the side of the creditor and not the side of the consumer. This is where the errors are found and where we enter into the fold. There are hundreds of aff case laws against these giant companies for such mundane handling of a consumer file. Please follow the link and it will bring to a website with all the case law that is available for this (Click Here).

What We Do?

The main thing to understand is that we are working against a computer system and not a human and there is a big advantage to this because every computer system has a way that it can be bypassed and we know how it can be done. There is no genie in the process you can you don’t have to wish for anything, there is a specific plan of attack and the biggest weapon we have is persistence. The more you are persistent the more ability you have to get the results you want. Sometimes the results are not what you want sometimes they are but you have to keep going until you get the results that you are looking for. We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal that we can use to get the required result that we are looking for. 90% of people give up on disputing with the bureaus very quickly usually after there first or second validation letter that they receive.
We don’t we Keep at!!
That’s is what we do the best !!!
We know the game, And where some of the best players in it!!
We know what works and what doesn’t because we have tried everything over and over until it became second nature.
We don’t like to process!! But we know how to beat it !!
In the last 15 years, we have been getting new customers only through referrals, thanks to our customers we been always busy, our mission is to make our clients happy and educated them on what they are supposed to do in the future so they don’t end back in the same loop.
this is the best way this is what has kept our business running for so long.
it isn’t easy but if it was everyone would do it.
Give us the opportunity to make you happy and make you achieve your goals.
Think positively and things will eventually come true.

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